GCP Biomoby

Policy for GCP Registry


The MOBY registry at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is intended for Generation Challenge Program (GCP) developers. It allows the registration of experimental moby entities within GCP.

Endpoint: http://cropwiki.irri.org/cgi-bin/MOBY-Central.pl

URI: http://cropwiki.irri.org/MOBY/Central


The main purpose of this registry is to allow slightly different policy that the main (Canadien) Biomoby registry has. Testing entities and services that are not yet fully functional are allowed here. When the new GCP entities are reasonably tested and services are on publicly-visible machines, they are copied to the main GCP registry. Copies of the non-GCP services also are included in this registry.

The mirroring is automated and runs every six hours. The mirroring software is publicly available at https://cropforge.org/projects/gcpmoby/ as CVS module MirrorRegistry.

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