BioMoby/BioCASE Services with DIVA-GIS

The DIVA-GIS, a tool for mapping and analysis of spatial data, is a good candidate to consume data from integrated BioCASE/BioMoby services. That's why a simple add-on was added to the bb_services module to illustrate it. It works fine with the sample service.

The main idea is to add a plug-in into DIVA-GIS that will provide geographical data from a BioMoby service (which again gets them from BioCASE). The plug-in is written in Java - and its source is part of the bb_service module. This document, however, does not explain how to add this plug-in into DIVA-GIS - that's another story.

The best way how to understand this plug-in is to CVS checkout bb_services, build everything, create javadoc documentation and look at it in a browser (open file bb_services/docs/API/index.html). Downloading and building is described in the main documentation of BioCASE/BioMoby integration.

Let's make the long story short, here are the steps that are needed to be done (after the CVS checkout and building):

Command-line testing

The code can be tested also from the command-line. There is a testing program org.generationcp.bbservices.testing.TestDataSourceByTaxon that calls a BioMoby service and prints results. Using that, you see what you can expect, whether it works, and how long it takes. Type:
build/run/run-any-client org.generationcp.bbservices.testing.TestDataSourceByTaxon -help
for short help. A real service (running at IPGRI, searching for Vicia faba) can be called by calling the same program without any parameters:
build/run/run-any-client org.generationcp.bbservices.testing.TestDataSourceByTaxon
For finding locations of another variety, type, for example:
build/run/run-any-client org.generationcp.bbservices.testing.TestDataSourceByTaxon "Triticum aestivum"

Developer notes

It would be nice to add here a DIVA-GIS screenshot showing how data from a BioCASE/BioMoby integrated service are being displayed.


My thanks to Luis Avila and Reinhard Simon (both from CIP) for suggesting interface structure, and actually put it into DIVA-GIS.

Martin Senger
Last modified: Thu Aug 10 00:21:38 2006